The GLOBAL EDUCATION CENTER is a nonprofit multicultural, anti-bias education center that uses the arts of diverse cultures to highlight the commonalities of all people; to promote global awareness and concern; to develop empathy, understanding and respect for the individual and for all of humanity; to support the Center’s belief that fairness and justice are basic human rights for all. Using the arts as a pathway to understanding the various cultural, ethnic and religious groups residing in our community, the Center’s staff and teaching and performing artists present sensitive, dynamic and highly participatory programming that creates experiences in the arts that aid in dispelling myths, dismantling stereotypes, unlearning biases and alleviating fears. All programming is designed to create an environment of inclusion and a climate promoting wellness and emotional well-being.

If you’re interested in helping with the Global Education Center’s Raise the Roof campaign to repair storm damage to dance studios in our historic building, you can make a donation below through Paypal® or by visiting our Facility page here and making a donation through Fundly®. We can also accept checks or cash in person or by mail. Thank you for the support!