Arts for Youth

summer camp and bolokada happy group

               CHINESE IMMERSIOIN SUMMER CAMP –  directed by Shaolu McLaren 2014 Chinese Dance and Culture Summer Camp The Global Education Center and Little Eagle Chinese Dance Academy are pleased to announce they will again hold two Chinese Dance and Culture Summer Day Camps in June. Xiaoqi Xu, a visiting professional […]

Supporting Global Artists


     The Global Education Center is Nashville’s premier multi-cultural arts center, providing a home for artists from a wide variety of cultures to study, teach and perform their unique traditional art forms. Artists are provided teaching and rehearsal space, regular teaching and performance opportunities, assistance with marketing and the creation of promotional and educational materials, and […]

A Window To The World

Majid Bekkas Gnawa Ensemble

  Opening our hearts to the valuable artistic traditions of the world is a cornerstone of all Global Education Center programming. For 2012-2013 we will be welcoming many performers from the modern Muslim world through our participation in Caravanserai: a place where cultures meet. Our first guests will be the  Majid Bekkas Gnawa Ensemble with Brahim […]

The Arts – A Bridge To Understanding

Over generations throughout the world’s many cultures, the arts have endured as vital, vibrant and dynamic necessities in the human desire to express innate creativity and passion for life and its many traditions and circumstances. The participatory nature of the arts encourages interaction with diverse media as well as interaction with the various cultural and spiritual elements indigenous to artistic expression. The arts stimulate us to appreciate the inherent beauty within ourselves and within the world at large, promoting global awareness and a respect for all of humanity. The arts have great unifying power as we explore the issues and emotions expressed throughout the ages by all cultures, including those that have no word for art – where art cannot be separated from daily life – where it is a constant expression of a culture’s worldview – where it is a reflection of human necessity.  Read More

Our Supporters

The Big Payback Online Fundraising Event

Please support us in this 24 hour fundraising event from 6:00 am on May 6th, until 6:00 am on May 7th as we try to gather support and much needed funding for our building repairs and ongoing community programming. Please spread the word! You can make your donation, big or small, during the aforementioned time and date at (sponsored by The Community Foundation of Tennessee)  Read More

Tennessee Arts Commission

The Global Education Center receives general operating and project support from the Tennessee Arts Commission. Through this support, we are able to serve communities across Tennessee, with an emphasis on Middle Tennessee, offering multicultural arts programming to schools, community organizations and families. To see a list of our other wonder supporters, please click our Supporters page. Thank you to ALL OF OUR BENEFACTORS. We truly appreciate each and everyone!  Read More